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It's understandable that the economy shut down for a period of time to prevent our health care facilities from being overloaded. But that time has passed. Promises for assistance were made to all, but never materialized for many. Many sectors of the economy have been sidelined watching multinationals operate with impunity and earn market share while local businesses crumble and jobs disappear. It's not the government's place to say you can't earn a livelihood. It is, however, the government's responsibility to provide guidance and tools to assist you with reopening in a meaningful manner, whether it be loans and grants for facility modifications or guidance on social distancing. The current administration's plans lack the necessary substance to permit many businesses from reopening in a meaningful manner. We think the current administration is out of ideas. That's okay. We're Americans. We're innovative. We're resillient. We always find a way to survive. All we ask is that you get out of our way while we do what is necessary to earn a paycheck.



Education is the silver bullet. It's the most successful tool for improving economic mobility of the next generation. But it needs to work. We have world class institutions of higher education. We have world class educators. We have bright students. But we have bloated district administrations and 20th century policies that aren't applicable to preparing our students for the 21st century digital economy. As Governor, I plan to take steps to streamline district administrations, improve fiscal transparency (specifically around the referendum process), and ensure that students from across the State are prepared for success.

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Health Care

Everyone deserves timely access to high quality health care providers at an affordable price. Health consumers shouldn't have to choose between putting food on the table or getting treatment for an illness. We live in a global economy yet insurance networks are artificially diced up at state lines. Our economy doesn't work that way. It's not uncommon for an individual to work multiple jobs but never qualilfy for health care coverage from the employer or as a freelancer. Small businesses wishing to offer competitive health care coverage to employees find that their business is too small to qualify for wholesale rates. Quite frankly, the current regulatory structure adds complexity to health care delivery rather than simplifying it. Health care is an important issue with many stakeholders. We can do better and we should do better. Single payer is not the answer, if only because the cost of care in Newark, DE is different than the cost of care in New York City, but there is an opportunity for the Federal government to take a leadership role. An individual should be able to purchase a reasonably priced plan independent of an employer, that plan should cover a provider network in multiple states (ideally nationwide), and insurers should compete for your business. Furthermore, insurers should structure payment plans with care providers on a pay for performance basis rather than a fee for service basis as it improves health outcomes for patients.



I grew up in Claymont, went to Salesianum, worked in the trades, served in the Marine Corps, and then worked in banking. After that, I decided to go off on my own at 24 and help open a brewery and a cleaning company. I know what it takes to work hard and accomplish the goal.

Delaware doesn't need more of the same. We don't need the status quo. We need young and energetic folks that have a future goal and not a weekly game plan. The Democrats are leading us to believe we can print endless money and bail everyone out with no return to normal. What reason does anyone have to return to work? Why would we reopen anything if folks are better off on the couch?

It's time to get to work. As Benjamin Franklin once said, "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

Let's get Delaware back on the map. We can be the First State in so many more ways than one.

I'm Neil Shea and I'm running for Governor of the State of Delaware. Can I count on your vote this November?

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